Founder Sale Wrap-Up

Founder Sale


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TL;DR: The Founder Hero Sale ends on April 2nd, 2024. 1,672 Founder Heroes minted so far!

Importantly, if you have a free-mint, now is the time to use it before the sale concludes, it won't be redeemable after the sale!

The Founder Sale is drawing to a close!

It has been nearly six months since our heroes began their journey in Fortuvia, and what an incredible journey it has been! Now, it's time to embark on the next phase. We will be concluding the Founder Sale on April 2nd. Discover more about what this entails in this blog post!

End Date: 2nd April 2024 20:00 CET

We are immensely grateful to everyone who participated in the sale and to those dedicating their time to our community. A heartfelt thank you to all of you! ❤️

Sale Statistics

As of the 1st of October, when the sale commenced, a total of 1,672 Founder Heroes have been minted, including 77 free mints. The sales revenue has reached 1,595,000 SMR!

As many of you may recall, we offered exclusive, limited edition game items to those who purchased multiple heroes in a single transaction.


Among these special items were the Balloon Swords, which were awarded to those who minted 3 or more heroes in one transaction. We are excited to share that a total of 186 Balloon Swords have been minted:

  • 35x Red Balloon Sword

  • 42x Green Balloon Sword

  • 33x Yellow Balloon Sword

  • 34x Purple Balloon Sword

  • 42x Pink Balloon Sword


I wonder what could be inside?

Here's an update on the mysterious eggs: a total of 112 have been claimed! Here's the breakdown:

  • 22x Red

  • 24x Blue

  • 23x Purple

  • 25x Black

  • 18x Green


The exclusive Egg Club! Image by DaHo

We are proud to recognize the members of the prestigious egg club. An exclusive group, SIX of our players now own one of each color of the mysterious eggs, showcasing their dedication and enthusiasm for our community.



  • DANO5




You will still have to wait a bit to see what's inside but it definitely seems like there is something going on inside those eggs!

What happens when the sale closes?

Once the sale concludes, no additional Founder Heroes will be minted, and this includes free-mints as well. If you still possess a free-mint opportunity, be sure to utilize it before the closure of the sale!

Reaching this milestone allows us to finalize the count of Founder Heroes, guaranteeing that no new ones will be introduced. This ensures that the value and uniqueness of existing Founder Heroes remain intact, offering peace of mind to their owners about the exclusivity of their assets.

Additionally, no further balloon swords or mysterious eggs can be minted!

What's Next?

With the Founder Hero Sale now a closed chapter, the introduction of new heroes into the game will exclusively occur through Hero Tokens. As many of you are aware, by combining 15 Hero Tokens with a certain amount of Gold, you can mint a new Regular Hero. We will maintain the exclusive mechanic that only allows Founder Heroes to unlock the Hero Token rewards from the monsters' loot table.

Our current focus is on developing companions to accompany your heroes. Following that, we will turn our attention to implementing a new PvP system.


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