IOTA Heroes Halloween Event

Halloween Event


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Ghastly Greetings!🦇

It's Friday the 13th, and what better day to share about the upcoming Halloween event for IOTA Heroes? We've got lots of fun things planned. First, a big thank you to everyone for joining and playing these last two weeks. It's been great seeing everyone enjoy the game. Now, let's dive into what's coming for Halloween!

Halloween PvP Tournament!

Here is the big one! We are hosting the first PvP tournament on ShimmerEVM! Some of you'll remember the last tournament where SpewyStewie emerged as the champion. To revisit the event, you can have a look at the youtube video.

Mark your calendars:

📅 Date: 29th of October

Time: 4 pm CEST

All SMR collected from the PROMO Hero auctions, a whopping 26,344 SMR, goes straight into the prize pool. And, because we love a round number, we're boosting it up to a grand 30,000 SMR. The top warriors won't leave empty-handed, with this bounty split amongst the contenders.

The tournament follows a single elimination format, with competitors battling it out in Best of 3 matches. However, the grand finale will up the ante with a Best of 5 showdown. And for the champion? Beyond bragging rights and a healthy bag of SMR, they'll be awarded an exclusive spooky PROMO hero!


The champion will receive "The Monster"

How to participate?

Want a spot in the tournament? Grab your ticket first! Visit the General Store and secure your entry for just 900 gold.


Gain entry to the PvP Tournament!

Special Note: This ticket isn't just any game item – it's the first soulbound item in IOTA Heroes. This means it's yours and can't be traded or transferred. It will forever remain in your wallet, a keepsake of the first-ever tournament on ShimmerEVM.

Remember, one ticket allows entry for a single hero. If you're aiming to battle with multiple heroes, be sure to stock up on tickets!

Tournament Entry Criteria

Heads up, Heroes! We're setting a level cap for this tournament – your hero's TOTAL level must not exceed 30 to participate.


Velma is an example of an eligible level 30 hero!

What does this mean? Some of your seasoned heroes might already surpass this level, making them ineligible. We understand the dedication and hard work you've poured into leveling up, but our goal is to ensure a broader participation by making the tournament more accessible to all.

Don't fret! Considering the time left until the tournament kicks off, there's ample opportunity to train and shape up a new or existing hero to be a formidable contender. Let the training commence!

You will be able to sign up through the Hero page in a new tab, once we get closer to the tournament date.

Tournament Live Event

We will host a live event to watch some of the battles and find the winner of the tournament. The details and format of the live event will be disclosed closer to the tournament!

A Spooktacular Halloween Bonus!

Ready for some Halloween magic? From the 25th of October to the 1st of November, embark on your regular adventures and stand a chance to discover an exclusive Halloween-themed item! Don't miss out on this limited-time treat. Keep those eyes wide open and your inventory ready!


Wrapping up

As the autumn leaves swirl and the nights grow longer, IOTA Heroes is gearing up to bring you an unforgettable Halloween experience. From thrilling PvP battles to exclusive Halloween treats, there's something for every hero out there. Remember, these special events and items are available for a limited time only, so dive in and make the most of this spooky season. We're endlessly grateful for our dedicated player community, and we're thrilled to share these Halloween festivities with you. Here's to many shared adventures and eerie tales in Fortuvia. Happy Haunting, and may the best hero prevail!


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